OMSI Annual Report

Fr_William_Morell_4cWhat missionary effort can flourish on its own? The mission of the United States Oblate Province relies on the generosity of our benefactors. What we do best, we do together. Finding partners in mission is a vital part of our missionary effort. The zeal of Missionary Oblate priests and brothers is coupled with the kindness of our donors to spread and deepen the Gospel of Christ. Together we give life to ministry with our poorest brothers and sisters around the world.

It is my pleasure to present for your review the Oblate Missionary Society, Inc. (OMSI) Annual Report for 2013-2014.

This report provides a glimpse into the ministry and activities of the Oblate mission, and our financial performance in support of that mission. Our mission is simply not possible without the help of our generous Oblate benefactors and friends. We have accomplished amazing things together, and I am confident we will continue to work together as co-missionaries in faith.

The countless people served through our ministry are grateful. So too, I and the community of the Missionary Oblates are eternally grateful for your support. Truly – we could not have done it without you. You are always with us, working hand in hand to serve people who so desperately need our help. Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

In Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate,

Fr. Billy Morell, O.M.I. Oblate Executive Director

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