La Morita

Together … we serve God’s poor

The Missionary Oblates have been ministering in the Baja California region of northern Mexico since 1971. The border mission is complex both culturally and socially, and is truly a work among the poor and abandoned.

Oblate parishes are located in shanty towns to serve thousands of parishioners who struggle daily just to make ends meet. “We try to choose what is most necessary and most urgent and do what we can to respond with the resources we have available,” said Fr. Tom Rush, O.M.I. who lives and works in La Morita, part of the city of Tijuana.

The Oblates in La Morita work tirelessly for the people of their communities.  Luz, a La Morita native and the Oblates’ parish office receptionist, volunteers with her husband Angel to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony. A few years ago Luz went through a trying time, and the Oblates assisted her family in many ways. Her son, Victor Hugo, needed a kidney transplant. The best hospital for the transplant was 19 hours away by bus – a trip that needed to be taken every other month for follow-up appointments. The Oblates were there for the family, helping with travel costs as well as the vital medicines that kept Victor Hugo alive after his surgery. Today, thanks to Luz’s dedication and the Oblates’ support, Victor Hugo is studying for the priesthood.

The video presentation was prepared by during a visit to the “La Morita” mission in Tijuana, Mexico.

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