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In the United States there are 85 fully retired Oblates and 33 Oblates in reduced active ministry. Like the people they served in the missions for so many years, these men require medical care, food, and shelter. Having lived lives of poverty and mission, these retired Oblates simply do not have the means to survive on their own.

Oblate retirement communities are located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts; San Antonio, Texas; Belleville, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California. These special facilities assure that retired Oblate priests and brothers have comfortable living arrangements, medical necessities and transportation.

Fr. Ted Pfeifer, O.M.I.

For years people told Fr. Ted Pfeifer, O.M.I. that he should write a book. After 44 years of ministry in Mexico he finally got around to it.

Father Ted began writing his autobiography, When The Wolves Came, in 2007 after he retired to the Oblate Madonna Residence in San Antonio, Texas. Father Ted, age 78, still lives there and prays daily for his beloved poor in Mexico.

Father Ted risked his life repeatedly to fight for the rights of the poor. He spoke out strongly against government corruption and the powerful drug cartels. He survived several assassination attempts.

Today Fr. Ted shares his experiences with young Oblates in San Antonio who are preparing for the priesthood. These young men see in Fr. Ted a modern-day “good shepherd” who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep. In the following video interview Fr. Ted shares his missionary work in Mexico and what he once went through when drug cartels crossed his path.

Fr. Gerry Bolduc, O.M.I.

While Fr. Gerry Bolduc, O.M.I. has reached the status of “reduced active ministry,” he makes it clear that he is not yet ready to settle down. With a long list of accomplishments and ministries in his past (he has held the titles of Pastor, Director, Correctional Chaplain, Senior Chaplain, Executive Director, Vocational Director, founder of the Southern Regional Alcoholism Council, among others) he continues his passion of ministering to persons in need.

Father Gerry explains, “Now that I’m officially ‘semi-retired’ I no longer have a parish and I’m not on staff at one of our Oblate retreat houses.  With the blessing of my Oblate superiors, I’m free to present Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends.  This is how I’m living my semi-retirement – and I’m loving it!”

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